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Wedding Lighting & Decor Richmond, Virginia

Those having their weddings in Richmond, Virginia, will be delighted with the incredible wedding lighting and decor options. Richmond is home to vendors that offer charming rental items—so many linen, chair, and cutlery items to choose from. Visit Party Perfect for some great linen, table, chair and tent options.

Bistro Lighting In a pole tent at Tuckahoe Plantation in Richmond Virginia
Bistro Lighting In a pole tent at Tuckahoe Plantation in Richmond Virginia

For lighting, decor, drape, and special effects, the best company for the job is The Wedding Lighting Company. Rentals can start to run together after seeing dozens of vendors. Wedding Lighting Co. focuses on offering a broad range of services and products. Finding the balance between unique styles and wedding musts can be demanding. Expert technicians and designers in Richmond and beyond can help!

We keep wedding planners, event organizers, and brides & grooms up to date on the fabulous and trendy. Here are a few stunning options to browse and add to your wedding design inspiration.

For a complete catalog of services to inspire your wedding, check out THE ULTIMATE guide to wedding lighting and decor.

Wireless lamps illuminate a silent auction at ACCA shriners Center
Wireless lamps illuminate a silent auction for a fundraising gala at ACCA shriners Center


Tabletop lamps for weddings and events are among our top trends of 2024. Lamps are the perfect compromise between lighting and decor. They help set the theme and also provide area-specific lighting. Part of the recent surge of "lamps for weddings Instagram posts" comes from the popularity and modernization of lithium-ion batteries. Wireless, battery-powered lamps mean no cables on the tables. And no cables on the floors. This takes lamps from a time-consuming setup that is never perfect because of the cable to an easy 20-minute setup.

So, If you've decided you want lamps for your wedding, we can help. Here are a few of our favorites new additionfrom our Richmond, Virginia, lighting and decor inventory.

Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are standalone fixtures perfect for illuminating small areas of interest. They are great for bar areas and outdoor gathering spaces and for lighting up the way to the bathroom! They are another excellent decor and lighting compromise. Sometimes, people even use them for ceremony spaces.

A lamp post illuminates a bar for a wedding in Richmond virginia
A lamp post illuminates the bar area for a wedding at Linden Row Inn, Downtown Richmond.

Here are some of our favorite lamp posts to use for weddings. If you like something, let us know.

Artificial Greenery For Weddings

Artificial or Faux Greenery is an excellent alternative solution for the real thing. While nothing can replace real flowers, artificial greenery is a great filler. The best way to use artificial greenery for your wedding is in areas where people can't get a great look. Backdrops, ceiling displays such as mirror ball looks, and archways are all places where faux greenery is an option for your wedding.

Many people use faux greenery as a background filler and hire a florist to fill the rest with real flowers. Do you need a florist? Fluorescents and Vogue are some of the best!

Here's some floral inspiration for your wedding board. All weddings from Richmond, Virginia 

A stunning wisteria & willow floral display with rattan lighting elements.
A stunning wisteria & willow floral display with rattan lighting elements. Photo by Alyse Michelle Images

New Wedding chandeliers for 2024

Chandeliers are some of the most popular wedding rentals to make a statement. Some of the best wedding chandeliers in Richmond are in The Wedding Lighting Co.'s inventory. Find chandeliers for any theme in the wedding lighting guide. 

It's also essential to know that wedding lighting professionals hang chandeliers in several ways. One of the most popular ways is to use a chandelier arch support. These attractive support options are perfect for when there is no existing overhead support. Chandelier arch supports look great for weddings on the river or the beach. They are also a unique option, becoming more widely used for indoor events. Florists love decorating these supports, but faux greenery also works fine. 

New and trendy chandeliers for 2024 weddings are below:

Trendy Wedding Decor Items

What decor "in" for 2024 weddings? What's trendy is constantly changing, especially in Richmond! We always stay ahead of these trends to have the wedding decor rentals that Richmond wedding planners and clients need. Mirror balls are something that most decor rental companies will have in stock. But items like hanging glass globes, custom paper lanterns, or "Spanish Moss" lighting take more time to track down. 

Mirror ball and greenery display in a tent hanging from the ceiling, multi sized disco balls hang at different heights in richmond virginia
Mirror ball and greenery display in a tent
Paper lanterns and bistro lighting at Linden Row Inn

Star lanterns hung from above.

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