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We're event lighting & decor experts. How can we help?

  • How much does wedding lighting cost?
    Our average wedding will range anywhere from $1300 to $5000, depending on how large it is and which decor and lighting services you decide to go with. Every wedding is different though, and we have an extremely short quote turnaround time. To get an exact number, you should go ahead and Request a quote. We will put you in touch with one of our designers, who will walk you through the entire process.
  • I'm a DIYer, can I rent lighting and set it up myself?
    Short answer: you can, that’s not what we do though. Wedding lighting is a powerful tool to take control of the ambience of your event, the skill set needed to execute a successful design can take some time to learn. Most of what can go wrong with lighting can be alleviated with skill and the proper equipment. For those reasons, we recommend hiring a full service company like us to take care of the heavy lifting. The last thing you want happening on your wedding day is a technical issue during setup that sets back your schedule. Our team has decades of experience, and can help ensure a successful event.
  • My venue is pretty far from your nearest location, can I still use your lighting services for my wedding?
    Of course! Our company travels all over the map to execute beautiful designs for upscale weddings. If the budget is right, we can travel anywhere in the country. However, we are based on the East Coast, and mainly provide wedding lighting services in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and North Carolina. We are based in Richmond, Virginia and often find ourselves in Charlottesville, Petersburg, Fairfax and Fredericksburg.
  • What time will lighting & decor be set up before my wedding?
    Typically for indoor events, our team of technicians will come the morning of the wedding to set up. This is the most affordable option, as we don’t have to send techs back and forth several times to turn the lights on and ensure your decor and lighting is perfect. Outdoor weddings utilize a lot of string lighting and bistro lighting. These items can often be set up the day before or several days before your wedding. This is because there is very little potential for technical issues with string lighting, and it is typically turned on simply by plugging it in, or turning up a provided dimmer. We normally take your wedding down immediately following the wedding, or the day after.
  • Will there be a lighting tech onsite for my wedding?
    We provide lighting techs to oversee your event upon request, although it is rarely needed. Most lighting setups are as reliable as any other decor items, and have very little chance of technical issues when set up correctly by our professional wedding lighting technicians. Dance floor lighting is one of our services that usually requires an on site tech, as someone needs to operate the lighting with the music. Many of our clients do prefer the piece of mind of hiring an onsite tech, be sure to let us know if you'd like someone onsite at your event!
  • Does The Wedding Lighting Company provide lighting for non-wedding events?
    In addition to providing lighting for high-end weddings and engagement parties, we do provide services for other events too. We even have an additional range of AV services we can offer for corporate and formal events, such as graduations & balls. Reach out to us for a full catalog of lighting & production services.
  • Is a deposit required to reserve wedding lighting services?
    Typically, a 33% deposit is required upon signing. The remaining balance is due a week before your event.
  • How long will it take to set up my wedding lighting?
    For most weddings, we try to set up within a 4 hour window. Generally it takes 1-4 hours for setup, depending on which wedding lighting services you're using.

Find answers to the questions we get asked the most. Don't see your question here? Reach out to to get them answered directly by one of our knowledgeable wedding lighting designers

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