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Uplighting ranks at the top of most popular light services for a wedding & special events for a reason. Uplights are powerful LEDs that are placed at the base of walls and pointed up the wall for effect. Choosing uplighting for your wedding or special event gives you the ability to control both the look and feel of the space. With vibrant 6-color LEDs, any color is possible. Use our Color Picker to experiment with some of our more popular colors. Want to do your own custom uplighting colors? You can meet with us in our showroom to create an uplighting color unique to your event.

Different situations call their own unique types of uplighting. That’s why we keep our inventory stocked with a selection of wired, wireless, and outdoor uplights. Our battery uplights can be controlled from a central controller, completely wirelessly. With batteries lasting 6-8 hours, wireless LEDs are often an easy and affordable uplighting choice. We have a large collection of powerful modern outdoor LEDs. These lights are great for any outdoor event, and their vibrant color selection makes them an event all on their own.

Experiment with different colors for your space- your lighting doesn’t have to be in line with your color scheme. In fact, one of the most popular choices for uplighting is a classic warm white. This natural look gives you the effects of uplighting, while giving a fantastic vibrance to all of your pictures, and providing both ambient and utility light for your event. Many events rely on darker uplighting looks, and use pin spots to provide table lighting, while maintaining a low-light look and feel. String Lighting Curtains, with their natural warm glow, also fit in great in low-light uplighting looks.

Every single element of your event will be affected by lighting. Whether you’re planning for your wedding lighting, or want to throw the perfect special event, uplighting can take your look to the next level. If you don’t know where to start with event lighting, uplighting is a safe bet.

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