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Top Wedding Lighting and Decor Trends 2024

Updated: 4 hours ago

Here are just a few of our favorite wedding lighting and decor trends for 2024.

Huge things are coming to the Richmond, Virginia wedding scene this year! A wide array of options are becoming available that were difficult or impossible to get in the area before. With so many exciting new wedding decor options and trends, planning your wedding design will be a blast.

We’ll help you get a head start on your wedding planning and go over some of the coming wedding lighting trends for 2024.

Plenty of brides and grooms have already finished planning their 2024 wedding already. Let us know how we can help you in your planning process.  We’ve chatted with dozens of brides already. We can already see some powerful new trends emerging. 

If you are just starting off, these emerging wedding trends can help you start. Just looking for some finishing touches? A few of these trends are quick and easily-added ideas. 

Here are just a few of the wedding lighting & decor trends that make us do a double-take.

5. Table Top Lamps

Photo of Table Top Lamps Top wedding decor trends 2024
Photo by: Larissa Cleaveland Photo

Table top lamps bring a charming, yet practical touch to your wedding day. Nestled among your floral arrangements, lamps are great  for conveying your theme while adding a touch of light.

Many lighting fixtures add to your ambience. But this eye catching addition helps bring out the best in your centerpieces as well.

Fill your wedding reception with soft and warm lighting by choosing from a variety of table-top lamps.

Wedding lighting trends tabletop lamps selection gold white black
Lamp selection from Ultimate Guide to Wedding Lighting & Decor 2024

Low lighting looks provide the intimacy many couples are looking for during their wedding reception. But many people worry that it will be difficult for their guests to see. Pin spots have been a popular way to illuminate tables while keeping the lighting low in the past. 

Table lamps can also help with this concern. Guests will be able to see their food easily. The natural light source lights the food naturally, keeping it looking tasty!

Cords? Forget about them. Cables are so 2023. Entire practical lighting inventories are wireless now. Lithium Ion batteries and attractive, warm LEDs have made using practical lighting for your wedding super easy.

Lamps can dim, and come in many styles and colors.

Looking for attractive lamps for your 2024 wedding? The Wedding Lighting Company is one of Richmond, Virginia’s best wedding lighting and decor companies. Offering a wide range of selections on lamps, along with a full lighting & decor catalog. You can get a quote now!

Or, learn more about new wedding decor trends by reading The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Lighting & Decor.

4. Townsend Chandeliers

Townsend chandelier with gold candelabras and black trim number 4 top wedding decor trends 2024
Townsend chandelier with gold candelabras and black trim

Townsend Chandeliers are starting to find their place in the Richmond wedding Scene. These simplistic chandeliers began to find popularity in late 2021. They are due to reach peak popularity just in time for wedding season 2024. 

Townsend Chandeliers are popular for weddings this year for a few reasons. Firstly, due to its simplistic construction, these chandeliers are fairly durable. They remain attractive options for their lifetime. Because of this, they make great chandeliers for events.

Another explanation is also because of their design. The open layout of the chandelier makes it easier to combine with other decor elements.

Wedding vendors often add Florals, greenery, and even drape to further customize this chandelier. Or leave it without any additional elements. The Townsend  will cast ample light without stealing the show. The openness of the chandelier makes it work in most designs without conflict.


3. Creative Free-standing Chandelier Supports

Chandelier arches supports for top 5 wedding decor trends 2024
Photo: Crescent Moon

Here’s a few more lighting ideas that will help inspire your reception space design.

Chandeliers have always been a mainstay of wedding lighting. In recent years, freestanding supports like the one seen above are becoming increasingly popular.

Easy to hang in venues and tents, chandeliers are pretty versatile wedding lighting options. But when events are outside with no tent, you have to get a bit more creative. 

These fetching lighting supports are a bit different than your typical support. Instead of trying to hide the support, we make the support aesthetically pleasing. We do this with decorative soft covers, drape florals, or greenery.

Doing it this way makes for some amazing pictures. Rather than a floating chandelier, you have an attractive arch. An arch that you can decorate however you like. And another opportunity to add details to your wedding.

Chandelier arches add a touch of drama to any look. You can consider them ifIf you’re looking for a creative backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Some weddings use matching chandeliers for the ceremony and reception. This creates a cohesive theme.

2. Tent Transformation Looks

Total tent transformation Maymont number two top five wedding decor trends 2024
Photo: Alyse Michelle Images

Total transformation looks are always in style. But in 2024, couples are saying “no” to a bland tent look. These huge looks are really popular in outdoor weddings in Virginia, especially in fall. 

There is no guarantee that the weather will stay nice. 

But a tent allows you to have peace of mind, while still enjoying the lovely weather. Tents also open up a world of possibilities.

Best ways to transform a tent:

  • String Lighting Canopies

  • Drape Canopies

  • Large Floral Displays

  • Chandeliers

  • Pendants

  • Bistro Lighting

  • Tent Drape Legs

  • Texture Gobos

Wedding string lighting canopy Virginia House top wedding lighting trends 2024
String Lighting Canopy; Photo Nikki Santerre

Making a tent transform from a blank canvas into a beautiful wedding experience requires an expert team and superb communication. It’s not uncommon for a big look to require a couple of vendors. 

1. Epic Bridal Looks

Epic Bridal photo with cold sparks Maymont Richmond Virginia wedding lighting decor trends of 2024
Photo: Carbone Photography

Amazing bridal pictures have been popular for a while. New technology and production equipment provides new chances for epic wedding moments. 

In the whirlwind of your wedding day, it is often difficult to make time for your epic shot. The primary reason you want to organize this shot for your big day is to save money. Your vendors are already all in place, making it easier to pull off your dream photo. 

This is your chance to shine. To get a photo that will stand out among the rest.

So how do we make something like this happen? We do it through coordination between the planner, photographer, and production/lighting staff. 

  1.  Let your photographer know you’re looking for a shot like this. 

  2. Facilitate a conversation between your photographer, planner, and AV or Lighting Crew.

  3. Typically after you take your group photos during cocktail hour, everyone coordinates to get a shot like this.

  4. If it’s in the budget, you can even schedule this all to happen before the wedding to give you time to get the shot right!

Here’s some gear that takes epic photos up a notch.

Cold Sparks (Pictured) - Cold sparks are exactly what they sound like. Sparklers that are almost cold to touch. These are safe to use under tents and inside. 

Onsite technicians activate cold sparks remotely. They are perfect for epic pictures, dances, and walkouts.

Low Fog - Low fog creates a cool effect for pictures and dances. Many couples like to use it to add an ethereal element to their first dance. The fog is also cool, creating and interesting tactile experience.

LED Tubes - Wireless LED tubes are great for dramatic photos. Control LED tubes with wireless signal, and create awesome color effects for low-light pictures. Wireless LED tubes are highly portable, and lightweight. This adds to their ease of use.

Confetti/Streamers - Our technicians also cue these remotely. We load them up with your custom colors, and shoot them off remotely right on cue. Streamers are a lot easier to clean up, so they are the more popular option. 

Wedding special effects confetti blast wedding decor trends 2024
Confetti for a New Year's Eve event


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