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String Lighting

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String lighting is a very sought-after service for weddings and special events. The soft incandescent glow of string lighting makes it great for both indoor and outdoor events. String lighting is used with drape to make interesting and exciting looks that fit your theme and vision. String lighting can also be combined with a number of other wedding and special event services, such as uplighting, and decor lighting, to make even more unique looks.

There are two main types of string lighting used for weddings and special events: bistro lighting and mini lights. Bistro lighting is strung over the event space in various designs. Bistro lighting, also known as cafe lighting or festoon lighting, is great both as a decor and utility item, and is often used as a decor accent, even during the day. Mini lights, also known as twinkle lights or Christmas lights, can be used for a huge number of event lighting applications

We offer two types of bistro lights to best suit your event, and we offer both in white and black. Classic edison bistro and globe bistro lighting are both available. Edison bistro is a classy old-school look that is great for outdoors and longer distances. Globe bistro lighting is lighter weight with a smaller bulb, and is perfect for indoor events and applications that require a lighter weight string.

We use both black and white mini light strings at various lengths to accomplish many different looks for weddings and events. Mini lights can used with drape to make a string lighting curtain, or strung overhead to form a String Lighting Canopy. Mini lights can also be wrapped around pretty much anything to create effect.

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