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Decor lighting is a broad category that includes pendants, lanterns, marquee letters, lamp posts, and any other lighting component that has inherent aesthetic value. Our inventory includes a wide range of decor items, something to fit every wedding and special event. Decor lighting can be used as accents to buffets, centerpieces, or even be used as the centerpieces themselves.

If your event needs more decor, check out the wide range of lanterns available for rental in our product catalog. Lanterns can be accessorized! Fairy lights or LED Candles can be added as an accessory to your lantern for extra effect. This is perfect if you are using the lanterns as centerpieces in a low-lighting setting.

Classic lamp posts make perfect bar-side lighting, and in groups can be used for area and pathway lighting as well. 4 different styles of lamp posts are available, with a dozen bulb options to perfectly fit your event theme. Client’s often use lamp posts in VIP sections to add an “extra special” feel to an area. For outdoor weddings, many clients have used lamp posts to light the way to the nearby restroom trailers.

Marquee letters are giant letters that can stand on their own and are outlined in individual bulbs. LOVE marquee letters are the most popular rental for this decor item.  BAR is another popular marquee letter option for events and weddings. For custom Marquee options, contact our design team.

Pendants are vintage bulbs hung on individual wires from above. With over a dozen bulb options available for pendant lighting, your rustic event can have the classic charm that best fits your vision. Pendants come in any length needed, and can be hung with a large assortment of bulbs or with a single type.

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