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Wedding Lighting & Decor In Charlottesville, Virginia

Planning to hire lighting or decor for your Charlotteville or Keswick wedding? Here's some things you need to know. Let's get into it!

Designing your Charlottesville Wedding Lighting

Wedding lighting in Charlottesville has surged in popularity, becoming more widespread than ever. Adding lighting and drapery to your event is now more cost-effective, with production companies more readily available to the public. Charlottesville boasts a plethora of exquisite venues for hosting weddings. Here are some helpful tips when designing the lighting for your Charlottesville wedding.


Weddings and String lights

String lighting has become the preferred choice for illuminating event spaces nationwide. It is an incredibly effective method for providing ample lighting in large areas. Moreover, there are numerous advantages to using string lighting. Not only does it serve a functional purpose by illuminating the space, but it also offers endless possibilities for decoration.

Bistro Lighting over the wedding reception area at Wintergreen; Nellysford, Virginia
Bistro Lighting over the wedding reception area at Wintergreen; Nellysford, Virginia

The charm that emanates from a sunset wedding adorned with string lights is unparalleled. The warm hues of the setting sun, the gentle sway of trees in the breeze, and the soft glow of classic bistro lights above create a truly enchanting atmosphere. The timeless incandescent glow of Edison bulbs strung throughout the landscape leaves a lasting impression. Many wedding lighting designs in Charlottesville now incorporate twinkle lights and bistro lights, also known as market lights, cafe lights, or Edison lights.


Drape Canopy and bistro lights at Mount Ida Charlottesville Virginia wedding
Drape Canopy and bistro lights at Mount Ida

Drape Backdrops For Weddings in Charlottesville, Virginia

Drapery plays a crucial role in the decor department. When planning your wedding, consider drapery as a versatile element that can serve various purposes. It can be a backdrop, a canopy, or a sun shade. Drapery can also hide imperfections or enhance the beauty of a space. Whether translucent or opaque, drapery comes in a wide range of colors. Brides often opt for white, ivory, or champagne drapery to complement their Charlottesville event.

Drape Backdrop Charlottesville Virginia
Drape Backdrops are a great way to accent your wedding reception space

Drapery is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings, so feel free to get creative with your design.


Chandeliers for Charlottesville Weddings

Chandeliers remain a popular choice for lighting accents at Charlottesville weddings. The prevalence of chandeliers in Charlottesville wedding lighting designs is due to the stunning venues and event spaces in the area, as well as the picturesque countryside that complements chandelier accents. These lighting fixtures allow for the customization of events with a timeless centerpiece. Furthermore, chandeliers can be grouped together to create stunning centerpieces.

Crystal chandeliers for a garden wedding Charlottesville Virginia
Crystal chandeliers for a garden wedding

High-end lighting companies typically offer a variety of chandeliers in four main themes: Industrial, Rustic, Modern, and Classic (or Traditional). The style of a chandelier can significantly influence the ambiance of an event, so it is vital to select the right one for your occasion.


Hiring a Professional Lighting Company

1. Uplighting is a common term in the realm of wedding lighting. For those unfamiliar with it, click on the link below to gain more insight. While uplighting can enhance your Charlottesville wedding, it is important to be cautious of budget-friendly options. The disparities between a low-cost uplight that a DJ may offer and a robust LED Par provided by a professional lighting company are significant.

2. Inexpensive uplights may lack the brightness required to stand out at an event. They can be suitable for subtle accents, but if you seek impactful lighting, you should avoid relying on a DJ for this service.

A Wedding Lighting Co. technicians works on a string lighting design in Charlotteville Virginia
A Wedding Lighting Co. technicians works on a string lighting design

3. Another issue with cheap uplights is the potential for color discrepancies. Some low-cost Chinese lighting brands utilize different LED chipsets in their products, resulting in variations in color output. This inconsistency can create an uneven look at your event and may even give off a cheap impression.

Just like any other product, quality matters when it comes to lighting. While budget-friendly options may seem appealing, the disparity in quality is often noticeable.



No Power? No problem:

With wireless technology, access to lighting for areas with no power is no problem. Gone are the days when you had to bring out a generator or run hundreds of feet of power cable for a rural event. These days, having lighting or even audio on in a remote area is no problem. A well-equipped lighting company has the quiet-run generators needed for an event where there may not be easy access to power. But sometimes events don’t call for all the bells and whistles, and budget is almost always a factor. Wireless or battery-powered solutions make events with limited power options affordable. LEDs, string lighting, speakers, and area lights with batteries can make your remote event run flawlessly.



The Wedding Lighting Co. provides Charlottesville wedding lighting, decor, drapes, and special effects.



About The Wedding Lighting Co.

The Wedding Lighting Co. provides creative lighting and decor solutions to high-end events in the Charlottesville area. We’re here to help make sure it’s perfect. 

 Lighting, drape, decor & special effects are just a few of our wedding lighting services. 

The Wedding Lighting Co. offers many custom design solutions for weddings and events; look at our portfolio and call us to start designing your wedding lighting. Our staff is highly responsive, and we offer easy online payment options. Our skilled designers will walk you through the process. 


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