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Two types of gobos are used for modern events. Custom gobos are used to personalize events, and can be designed to match any logo, monogram, or stencil. Textures gobos are great for adding to the atmosphere of an event. Gobos can be used inside of moving lights as well, to create more complex images and effects.

Custom gobos are often used for weddings to add the name of the couple to a wall when it is applicable. If there is not a suitable wall, this effect is not always possible. Custom gobos for weddings and events can are manufactured to fit your exact specifications, and almost anything is possible. Our designers can turn your existing design into a projection at your wedding. You can also select one of our premade templates, or work with our designers to create something that is unique to your event.

Texture gobos are an amazing tool. They can be used to completely transform the way a surface looks and project an image or texture onto the surface. These texture gobos can be HD glass, and are often intricate starscapes with beautiful nebulas, or gorgeous landscapes. There are thousands of texture gobos, hundreds of which could be right for your event. Work with our designers to pick the right gobo solution for your wedding or special event.

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