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Pin spots are used to shine a bright light on surfaces and illuminate details of your event from very far away. s take advantage of a narrow one degree lens to avoid shining in your guest’s eyes. The field of light is slightly adjustable, and we use that to make it exactly as big as the surface or decor pieces that we are trying to light up, and no bigger.

Pin spots make decor and tables stand out against a darker background. To get an idea of the difference that pin spots can make, visit our uplighting color picker and toggle the pinspot button. You can see how pin spots completely light up the tables, but avoid ruining the ambience of the event with light spill. If your event has centerpieces, pin spots are almost a must.

Our inventory has many types of pin spots, to fit any event. Wireless, wired, and RGBW pin spots are all options. RGBW pin spots can mix to any color, and the white LED in them helps to create gorgeous pastels, perfect for warmer looks on your table or centerpieces. Our RGBW s can also create deep and rich darker colors, and primaries, for events that require a special touch.

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