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Photogenic Weddings In Outdoor Settings

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Photogenic moments exist close to home

What kind of outdoor environment does your wedding have? A bit of decor can make landscape coordination a breeze. Let’s talk about the natural elements related to your setting. Photogenic moments await you at the farm, courtyard, winery, or even your very own backyard!

best wedding lighting company at wintergreen resort with string lighting

Outdoor weddings provide amazing ambience with the right weather and lighting

Why have outdoor weddings become so popular?

There’s no feeling that compares to rounding the final corner to that special location. It’s your wedding day. Guests will be filled with excitement and anticipation, waiting to watch your wedding ceremony commence. During moments of intermission between ceremony and reception, guests have the opportunity to socialize, while they gaze into the surrounding landscape and let the emotions sink in. Consider how lighting can direct your guests’ attention to a mighty oak tree in the area. A freshly mulched garden or a water fountain trickling in the distance are great places for lighting fixtures.

Lighting will give you control over the ambience. It can help create demension in your outdoor setting, and provide illumniation for all to see.

Loved ones and laughter can fill us with rapture. We find that time flies when we’re having fun and celebrating marriage. Is there a place for friends and loved ones to gather outside and take in the moment? We can design a display of bistro lighting, fanning outdoors towards your favorite perspective of landscape. This design creates a seamless transition for your guests to mosey outside if they please. It also provides the crucial area lighting needed for both ambience and safety. Grandpa needs to be able to see his way to the bathroom!

Bistro Lighting & Tents – A photogenic Match Made in Heaven

Don’t overthink it. Sometimes all you need for your tent is a well-designed bistro lighting canopy. Many tent companies offer bistro lighting. If you want creative designs and endless options, it might be time to call a lighting company. Lighting companies have extended inventories and technicians trains specifically in lighting. If power is needed, many lighting companies can bring their own quiet-run generators.

Large 5' foot love marquee in a tent surrounded by aesthetic sparkling bistro lighting

Bistro lighting is a great aesthetic look on its own or with other features such as this gorgeous 5 Foot Marquee Sign

Outdoor Bistro Lighting may be all you ever needed

Outdoor bistro lighting displays dovetail incredibly well when tied into a tented dinner party featuring a series of chandeliers and pendants. This uniform design curtails any confusion guests might have related to walkable pathways leading to designated restrooms and parking areas, especially once the sun sets. Finding a focal point and highlighting a naturally pleasing detail of landscape can capture the most photogenic moments of your special evening!

Bistro Lighting could be the perfect way to illuminate a tent

One lighting service  makes a huge difference in the appearance of your wedding; however, combining services will make your wedding stand out! Explore our photo galleries to get an idea of how our wedding lighting and decor services can benefit your wedding!

Do you want to learn more? You can speak to one of our lighting experts. Head over to our page and either contact us, or fill out a quote request for your wedding.

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