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Why You Need Wedding Uplighting

Updated: Mar 9

Uplighting is cool, and every vendor seems to be pushing it. But do you need it?

Do I need uplighting? 

If you’re asking this question, you are not alone as we get asked this every day. If you’re having a wedding, or any kind of party, you will want to examine how lighting can drastically affect your event space.  

Choosing the right wedding lighting service.

While uplighting is a popular option, you may be right if you think it’s not the right service for your event. If you’re having an outdoor event, look into bistro lighting. String lighting effects like bistro lighting are great for lighting rustic and traditional weddings. Perhaps you don’t need lighting at all. With custom drapes, there are thousands of possibilities. A well-placed drape backdrop looks fantastic behind a head table or as a backdrop for pictures. 

Bistro lighting is ideal for outdoor events because it has a classic feel and can cover large areas with light.

Your wedding and uplighting

When it comes to your wedding, we know how tough it can be to manage your budget. Here’s an easy list to help you decide if you need uplighting for your wedding.

You may need uplighting if…

  1. Your wedding is in an ugly venue. Couples pick venues for dozens of different reasons. Couples sometimes pick venues for sentimental reasons. Sometimes they pick them based completely on the location. Sometimes a venue has fantastic food, but needs a face lift. Uplighting can do wonders for a bland slab of drywall or an unimpressive corner, tying it into the look of the rest of your party instead of sticking out.

  2. Your wedding is in a beautiful space. If you’re getting married in a remarkable old hotel, a modern gem or a building with some history, lighting will often highlight the beauty in an already impressive space. Architectural features like columns, windows, and ceilings can be lit for ambient effect. Materials like unfinished brick and plaster often look dynamic and beautiful when uplit. Many brides will see a few pictures of poorly-designed uplighting looks and become discouraged. Like most things, if done wrong, uplighting can be tacky. If designed correctly, uplighting will take the look of your venue to the next level.

  3. Your wedding is in a familiar space. Increasingly more couples are using old barns, non-conventional event spaces, or just using their parents back yard for their weddings. Uplighting creates a new perspective on familiar items. This adds a flash of drama that is crucial in an otherwise ordinary space.

A little uplighting and drape goes a long way in an otherwise ordinary room.

Think big: Lighting and drape can completely change the look of your event space.

You probably don’t need uplighting if…

  1. You need to cut costs to the extreme. Not everyone can afford everything they want for their wedding, we completely understand. Things like silverware, entertainment, and furniture all need to be taken care of first; sometimes lighting doesn’t make the cut. That’s okay; uplighting isn’t a prerequisite to having a good time.

  2. If your venue already provides uplighting, make sure they show it to you in action. Photographers often edit pictures to make dim lights appear to be brighter, so you’ll want to see it with your own eyes. Venues can often provide uplighting packages included with your rental fee; just make sure they’re giving you the same thing a professional lighting company would.

  3. You have a daytime wedding. While professional lighting companies offer powerful uplighting, fighting against the sun can be futile. Bistro lighting (because of its classic look) and drapes are far more effective for daytime events.

Sometimes daylight washes out uplighting, but other times it’s a fantastic accent. A designer can help you decide what’s best for your wedding.

Still unsure if you need uplighting? Contact one of our friendly designers to ask questions or start planning your perfect event…right now.

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