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Pin Spots For Weddings

Updated: Mar 9

Why are pin spots good for weddings?

Pin spots are narrow-beam lighting fixtures which are great for highlighting tables with very little light spill. Their most common application is for event that utilize uplighting. Because they can provide lighting exactly where you need it with little to no spill, they allow for a low-lighting look.

So, the main benefit of using them for weddings is to take total control of the ambience.

Pin Spots Wedding

If small centerpieces are your thing, you may want to consider lighting the enter table. In this winter wonderland wedding, the sweetheart table was elegant in its simplicity.

How it works:

While uplighting for weddings may have a 25-50 degree beam angle, pin spots are normally around 1 degree.  This means that the beam of light that emits from the lens of the pin spot is very thin. If you were to hold it in one hand, and point it at the other, it would barely fill your palm. An LED source means you’re not feeling any heat.

However, if you shine the light at the floor below you, the light pool almost covers your feet. As the distance between the pin spot and the object you are lighting expand, so does the light pool at the end of the beam. Properly set up, pins can light just a centerpiece. Or, they can light up a table without hitting the floor around it.

Using pin spotting in the right way can be huge. Look how the lighting on the cake creates drama in this shot using shadow.

Higher-end pin lights come with lenses that you can adjust to get the perfect beam angle. Much like adjusting the zoom on a projector. Otherwise, a light may have special filters that you can use to expand the beam.

Highlighting just the centerpiece can create a really cool effect

Finding your angle

Pin spots need a severe angle for best results. Usually lighting companies will use tall boom pipes with liners that help them blend into the scenery. Lights can also be angled from balconies, ceilings, tent support structures and more. The steep angle helps to isolate the light pools on just the tables or centerpieces. Markedly, the more intense the angle, the fewer shadows there will be. If a good angle is impossible, using two lights can make sure there are no harsh shadows. So one spot from each side of a table. even a relatively low angle, will work.

Angles can be used to draw appropriate focus. For example, these lights were used to draw focus to the bridal entrance.

How much does pin spotting cost?

It should cost around $20-$50 dollars per table. That is unless multiple spots are used which can drive up the costs a bit. Also it’s assuming the use of round or square tables. A rectangular table can take twice as many spots to light so the cost would be double.

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