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String Lighting for Weddings & Events

Updated: 4 hours ago

Elevate Your Wedding Design with String Lighting

Coving large areas with glorious string lighting is a fantastic way to take your look to the next level. If “wow” is your goal, seek out string lighting. We often describe which lighting fixtures are best for achieving total coverage of large areas. Here are some excellent ways to use string lighting to accomplish your design. 

A spectacular twinkle light canopy in a 40 x 100 Foot tent photographed by Marie Violet Photography

Choosing the right string lighting for your wedding

Based on venue specifications and your design, a design can be made to fit any space. However, some designs work better in certain spaces than others.  

A string light curtain is the perfect backdrop for a head table or cocktail bar and fits most elegant occasions. Sheer drapery allows the light to shine through, creating a glowing effect with the twinkle lighting behind it. The sheer drape hides the cables and creates a backdrop for pictures.

A waterfall curtain (or twinkle light backdrop), makes for a phenomenal centerpiece. This setup at The Dominion Club was shot by IYQ Photography.

String lighting and drape canopies inside a barn

One issue many couples report with a barn venue is the repetitive texture the wood interior can provide. While beautiful, some couples prefer to break up the look to give their design depth. Twinkle lights and bistro lights are a perfect complement to most drape looks.

Even without a drape, the soft glow of a string lighting look can help to break up a barn look.

A sheer white drape canopy flanked by symmetric twinkle lighting lights at Barns of Mattaponi.

Drape and string lighting looks for a ballroom

All ballrooms are different and offer unique design opportunities. Augmenting even the best wedding venues is possible. Many of the best looks complement a venue's look without changing it up and taking away its charm. Certain changes can be more effective than others. For example, completely changing a certain element in a venue from what’s expected to something new can make your design stand out.

Don’t think you can’t use string lights inside, you can! Even if your venue already has lighting, string lighting can have a significant effect.

A total drape changeover at Dover Hall shows how a major change can shake new life into an already great venue.

Lighting up a tent for a wedding

Many couples overlook the opportunity to light up the ceiling of a tented wedding reception. A string light canopy dovetails nicely with our traditional uplighting look. Here’s how we do it.

First of all, we take measurements inside the tented area. In all tented areas, especially large-scale tents, we want to ensure that all the lighting is of equal distance. The frame of a tent and its poles serve as anchor points to our lighting design.

Next, we measure the ceiling frame from side to side and fabricate a custom-sized cable to create a line central to the entire space below. Our center line serves as the peak point for our hanging light installation. Our white poly-premier sheer drape rests underneath the string lighting for an extra twilight effect, creating a dramatic layer of shining light.

Does your wedding venue have chandeliers? If so, we can incorporate string lighting together with the chandeliers to enhance the ceiling. String lighting displays work incredibly well when tied into a tented dinner party featuring a series of chandeliers and pendants.

For more information about high-quality tent and party rentals, visit Party Perfect. And it works great for covering up an unappealing wall or doors into an unused space!


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