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Dover Hall Lighting & Drape

Updated: Mar 9

Lighting Up Your Wedding at Dover Hall

Dover Hall is one of Virginia’s premier wedding venues. Many high-end events take place there. And for good reason! Dover Hall has many event areas on site, perfect for an upscale party. Dover Hall normally books up fully throughout the year, meaning their staff has a lot of experience dealing with events week after week. The beautiful spaces around the property are perfect for wedding decor. At Dover Hall, lighting and drape will elevate your wedding to the stratosphere.

Best wedding lighting company at dover hall

Uplighting around the ballroom at Dover Hall

What’s the best lighting & drape at Dover Hall?

Dover Hall’s primary event space is the beautiful ballroom. While we have done total transformations to the ballroom in the past, the most popular service is uplighting. A total transformation is definitely possible. Check out these pictures from a white Drape transformation at Dover Hall. For this transformation, we bring in 22 ft drape and drape supports to cover the existing burgundy drape. In addition to our usual uplighting look, we can add classic bistro to create an intimate feeling.

A total room transformation set up for our friends at Elle Loren & Co. at Dover Hall completed using 22′ white poly-premiere drape. bistro lighting, and uplights.

Lighting and draping a tent at Dover Hall

The main ballroom isn’t the only place where a total transformation is possible. We can bring our lighting and drape looks to the tent as well. For this transformation, we use over 6000 sq ft of drape and 1,200 ft of mini lights (chrismas lights). Vibrant Amber uplighting completes the look. The drape a large portion of the nondescript tent roof. This also brings the ceiling in a little bit to add to the intimacy of the look.

Twinkle lights provide subtle and even lighting throughout the tent. Meanwhile, the same many lights create a beautiful fairy tale look along with the drape. Uplighting down the sides of the tent cap off the look by adding surreal perspective. 

At Dover Hall, Lighting & Drape can include many things. However, uplighting will look good anywhere on the Dover Hall property.

Using drape in the courtyard

Many couples elect to have a simple reception in the courtyard. Even if this is your plan, a little drape can add a lot. By working closely with your florist, we can combine custom drape looks with florals to make amazing memorable décor.

The courtyard is a beautiful place to have your ceremony. A drape and floral combination will provide an awesome backdrop to get married in front of.

Fresh Lighting & Drape Ideas

If you’re one of those people that likes doing something original, we’ve included some ideas that we’ve never done before at Dover Hall. 

Lamp Posts

Lamp posts are a stylish way to add a little area lighting. And, lampposts come in a few different styles. So check our brochure for lamppost options. They can be used to illuminate a central point, such as a bar or using to light pathways.

A lamp post next to a bar at a wedding

Lamp posts area a good solution to area-specific lighting. Need to illuminate a certain area such as a bar? Lamp posts can do that!


Chandeliers for weddings come in dozens of shapes and sizes. Also, much like lampposts, they’re great for illuminating Central areas. 

Trio of chandeliers hanging at main street station in richmond virginia

Chandeliers come in many shapes and styles, perfect to suit any wedding or event.

Gobo Textures

There are literally thousands of different gobo textures. Because of that, gobos are one of the best ways to customize your wedding. Gobos can be used to create texture and tents. They can also be used to accentuate existing architecture.

Texture gobos unlock an entire world of possibilities. The design choices are in the thousands, allowing you to customize your wedding lights!

There are seriously a lot of gobo textures to pick from. You can go through some options for textures here.

Ready to get a quote for your wedding? We are based in Richmond, Virginia and provide wedding lighting and decor services to DC, Virginia and Maryland. Click here to get started on a quote!

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