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hopeless romantics with practical connections
creative, experienced yet approachable
modern yet respectful of tradition
adaptable and innovative
laid back yet hard-working and dedicated
voices for the introverted/a steady calm for the extroverted
trendy when its appropriate, timeless when it matters
unapologetically progressive and inclusive

The Hive Story

Christine Greenberg was born in California and moved every 2 years with her parents as her father bravely served in the US Army. Spending most of her formative years in Southern Germany, her family settled in Virginia in 2000 and she attended VCU to study English Lit, Political Science and Women’s Studies.

After graduating from VCU in 2009, Christine planned to move to NYC with her best friend, Hunter, and open up a clothing boutique. Days before she was due to leave, her college sweetheart discovered he had an inoperable brain tumor. She chose to stay in Richmond and help him fight. His treatments went well for awhile and they got engaged a few months later.

Unfortunately, after an 18 month battle, her first true love passed away in May 2011 at 26 years old.

Through that loss, she grew closer with her family and friends, realized she loved Richmond, loved planning her wedding and realized she would excel at doing that for others. The gig demanded both a type-A personality and a creative, flexible spirit and a career was born!

Through serendipity, she met a newly engaged woman in a similar situation to her own (a fiance with dire health news) and somewhat organically, began helping this new friend plan her wedding. Her fiance survived his health scare and they were wed at Pippin Hill in September 2012, the same place Christine was suppose to marry her late fiance. A full circle, healing moment that led to a new life path.

Christine continued to plan weddings under the name 'Wood Grain & Lace Events' as a side hustle until she decided to leave her full-time job in 2013 to fulfill her dream of opening up a brick-and-mortar bridal boutique. This time the original dream took a pivot and she opened up a wedding gown boutique, Urban Set Bride, with her Mom in 2014. She also found love again after loss and got married in 2014 with Ciera by her side to plan and coordinate.

Slowly but surely, the planning team grew to the team of five it is today and in 2018, they decided it was time for a refresh and rebranded the company to The Hive Wedding Collective.

Along with the bustling bridal shop and ever-growing planning company, Christine also owns a small business consulting firm called CHG Consulting and serves as an ordained civil celebrant for secular wedding ceremonies.

Christine lives in Bon Air with her husband, Lenny, their boys Ellis (7) and Jack (3) and a one-eared Shepherd/Chow mix named Frida Bonita.

She loves all things Beyonce, books, politics, keeping her houseplants alive, volunteering for her favorite non-profit Girls for a Change, enjoying a glass (or two) of wine with her girlfriends and relaxing with her family.

As of October 2023, Christine has retired as an active planner and only takes one special request client per year. She serves as the Creative Director for the company and focuses on supporting the team from behind the scenes.

Christine is available (by request) for one exclusive planning client a year and still actively officiates weddings and offers small business consulting services via CHG Consulting + Ceremonies.


Richmond, Virginia




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