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What Type of Wedding Lighting Works The Best?

Updated: Mar 9

Looking for What Wedding Lighting Works Best

Couples seeking wedding lighting ask a lot of questions. The Wedding Lighting Company is here to answer them. Our professional lighting designers are always ready to help! One common question we get is “What wedding lighting works the best?” 

What have you prepared for your party of guests?

How far along are you in your wedding planning? Let’s imagine that you have booked the band or DJ. Additionally, you have booked a caterer and secured a transportation service. You’ve nearly reached completion in your venue preparations. So, have you and your wedding planner discussed what appropriate lighting is necessary at your wedding venue? We are here to help you see the connections that you may previously have missed while planning your wedding and the reception.

a picture of what wedding lighting works the best

Chandeliers and bistro lighting are great ways to light up any tent! This type of wedding lighting works the best in tents and outdoors.

Our lighting display is a catalyst for building bonds during weddings. The ambience assists in quickening the path to trust and self-disclosure in new relationships and makes us feel more satisfied with our relationships over time. Does your design ensure that the room is styled in an inviting way for your guests? Share your ideas with us and our designers can provide you with a plan that will showcase how each design will fit into your budget.

women dancing with uplighting behind them at the hotel john marshall

Bridesmaids enjoying the lit up dancefloor

Good ideas can come from anywhere! What type of wedding lighting works best is up to you!

We know how to encapsulate indoor lighting effectively, given our background in theaters and concert halls. If your wedding is outdoors, but inside of a tented space, consider looking into bistro lighting. Our bistro lighting prices range from $3-$5 per linear foot (including labor).

Outdoor weddings provide amazing ambience with the right weather and lighting. We can instantly adapt to the natural surroundings and form an exquisite design at various heights and distances. We’ll create a seamless transition of lighting across several areas of your wedding venue, if you’d like. For a brief walkthrough on how to obtain ambience and depth in outdoor settings, continue reading with the link provided below!

picture of a man and a woman having their first dance as a married couple under a bistro lit tent

Bistro Lighting could be the perfect way to illuminate a tent

Ask a pro: What wedding lighting works the best? Uplighting & Textures.

Colored and textured lighting adds uniqueness to the wedding venue. If you have booked a small-scale wedding space, you’ll certainly benefit from having an extremely intimate setting. So, remember, these smaller spaces benefit the most from depth-adding light. Pin-spot lighting enhances the ambience of tablescapes.

Layers of contrast between your tablescapes and floors are a by-product of incorporating pin-spots into your space. We like to deliver light to these areas and give the room some flavor. Likewise, we can finely tune our lighting, making it as interesting as it is ignorable.

Need more ideas to make your wedding amazing? Our catalog can probably assist you. Find what wedding lighting type works the best for you by taking a look.

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