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Wedding Lighting Inspiration

Updated: 4 hours ago

Looking for some wedding lighting inspiration?

The creative couple can find plenty of ideas online for wedding lighting inspiration. When planning your perfect wedding, browse our Services Section to learn more about what’s available. Our Wedding Lighting Catalog will give you a rundown of what’s popular. You can highlight any aspect of your wedding with your color palettes. Creating a luxurious setting for your wedding is simple and exciting!

Show off your “just married” status with romantic colors.  Shower your wedding guests with love. We’ve enjoyed working with hundreds of creative couples that take design to the next level. Find the right inspiration to draw from when selecting your decor and lighting. The most important question is: “Will my guests and I be stunned by the lighting & decor?” The answer will always be yes.

The best way to share what you love with your wedding guests:

Wedding Lighting Inspiration for string lighting canopy at Virginia House in Richmond, VA.

Guests enjoy a mini-string lighting canopy under a clear-top tent. Lighting canopies can be dimmed to your perfect lighting left.

Lighting allows us to marvel at the dramatic topiary centerpieces. Chances are that your tablescape inspiration didn’t come from glow-in-the-dark centerpieces. Our lighting services complement your style with the highlight it deserves. Bright and beautiful, dim and rustic, or warm and intimate, each style benefits from an appropriate level of light that catalyzes the status update of “just married.” Your guests are eager to experience pure romance at your wedding. Let’s process a lighting strategy that refracts each principle you feel is most unique or authentic about your style!

Build your wedding inspiration by color:

The color palette you select symbolizes your passion and creativity. Therefore, make your wedding memories last forever using colors that wow you and your guests. These qualities are essential to wedding planning success. Incorporating them with lighting establishes a setting that makes the venue space feel styled and inviting.

Some ways to get wedding lighting inspiration are simply by observing the world around you. What colors and color combinations make your brain happy?

Lightening up the mood: a euphoric, less stress, trusting, happy mood.

Sometimes the best wedding lighting inspiration is something simple

A bride & groom enjoy their first dance under a beautiful bistro lighting canopy.

Plan to incorporate lighting that contrasts with furniture, windows, and foundational architecture across the floor plan of the wedding venue. In an indoor setting, contrast is best achieved by installing pin spot lighting around tablescapes and centerpieces. You may compound the lighting and add depth to your space with uplighting featuring your favorite color palette. If your wedding is outdoors, learn how to create dimension and provide illumination for all to see here!

In our weddings and private events, we search for stories that have meaning—something that resonates with us. Don’t hesitate to ask us about additional lighting fixtures, creating natural textures, and filling up your drape ideas with personal monograms.

When you consult with a Wedding Lighting Co. designer, we’ll describe which lighting fixtures can cover large surface areas, such as walls and ceilings, and supply the vibrant energy you want radiating around you and your guests.

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