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Top Wedding Reels of 2022

Updated: Mar 9

Here are a few of our favorite things (Wedding Lighting Reels)

2 Words. Instagram Reels. Tons and tons of Wedding related Instagram reels. Not only did we spend the year making them, we enjoyed watching other vendors produce them as well. Reels have opened up a new world of connection between us and our clients. Because of the introduction of reels, wedding companies are able to offer even more content about their work. Couples can peruse this content to get a better feeling for their vendor’s work. They can get to know more about the personality of their designer.

#5 of 5 Wedding Reels

“Dance With Me”

Loving this reel! A compilations of some awesome wedding photos comes together to make a sweet little reel. All of the images in this one were taken by some of

Richmond’s most talented photographers.

#4 of 5 Wedding Reels

“Something Beautiful”

This one had to make the cut! Linden Row Inn is one of our favorite venues to set up in Richmond. This reel features photos and videos from a few different Weddings at Linden Row Inn. The courtyard is a fantastic place for an October Wedding in downtown Richmond.

#3 of 5 Wedding Reels

“Isn’t She Lovely”

This one shows off some of our drape skill. It also shows off another Richmond favorite: Dover Hall.  A tent transformation like this takes 6000 square feet of drape! It also takes a crew of 4 and a lift to get it set up. Our crew loves a challenging setup like this. If you’re looking for something similar, reach out for a quote!

#2 of 5 Wedding Reels

“Wedding Ballet”

Ok you caught us. It’s another one from Linden Row Inn. Sometimes, the weather doesn’t work in our favor. When that happens, we move to a rain plan. When planning a major event like a wedding, we always plan for weather. If it doesn’t rain, great! “Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” If you prepare, you can ensure your wedding will be beautiful even if fit rains.

#1 of 5 Wedding Reels

“Show me the Light”

Last but not least. The most liked wedding lighting reel of 2022. This one shows off a few of the events we got to work during October, the busiest month of the year for weddings. If you have an October wedding I’m sure you’ve run into this sentiment before! It’s real. Get on your planning early for October as even the smallest wedding vendors book up early.

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